Media Decor Masking Systems

We offer 2 masking systems to conceal the the bezel of the TV so that only the screen is visible.

Art Down

Art Up with NO MASKING

Art Up with MASKING

Mica Mask: The flat black mica has a rigid backing and is cut to the reveal the exact viewing area of the TV


Acoustic Mask: This is identical to the Mica Mask, except the entire mask is wrapped in black acoustically transparent fabric. If you plan to use the TV's speakers or a speaker bar, this is the mask for you. The areas where the speakers are located are acoustically transparent

In all cases, we must be provided with:


• sketch or drawing of the exact TV outside dimensions

• exact screen dimensions

• distance from the top of the TV to the top of the screen

• if a speaker bar is being used, we need the exact dimensions

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