Illusion Moving Art

The Illusion Moving Art is an economical solution for concealing Flat Screens with Art. The art does not scroll, but moves up/down like a traditional shade. There is a gap of .25" between the back of the frame and the canvas.



• Noise Level  <44 dBA (near silent operation)

Traditional Hembar & Art Movement

80+ Standard Art Selections

12 Standard Frames

• Recess or Surface Mounting (Optional 2.25" Razor Version)

• Exclusive Lutron Electronic Drive System

• All Aircraft  Aluminum construction with baked black ceramic hardcoating

System Includes:

• 1x Artwork from the Illusion Art Gallery

• Optional Art Selections or Client supplied art is available at additional cost

• 1x Frame from the Illusion Frame Gallery

• Optional Frames are available at additional cost

• 1x Lutron IR remote control & receiver

• 1x Lutron QS Drive Unit

Options Include:

Wall Enclosure

Back Box

Screen Masking

RF Wireless Control

• Illusion Razor Version (2.25" deep)

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Media Decor 2013