" Why are the picture frames 5 inches wide? "

Frames in the Elite & Illusion Moving Art Series have to be a minimum of 5” wide because frame acts as a valance to hide the artwork when it is rolled up. Picture frames look best when they are the same width top, bottom and sides. Click here for more.....     The Allure uses a 3" Frame. Click here for more.....



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" Can the bezel of the TV be masked? "

If you want to hide the TV bezel, plan in advance and supply us with a detailed drawing of all TV dimensions. Masking Systems are used for this purpose.  Click here for more....



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" Can I Change the Art? "

If the client wishes to have several artworks for the same unit, we suggest using the Allure or Illusion Moving Art. This design makes changing artworks very quick and straight forward. The extra art is supplied on separate tubes and should be ordered at time of initial order. It can also be ordered at a later date



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" What happens if I change my TV size in the future? "

As we all know, TV models & sizes change continuously. If you are concerned that a specific model & size might change, you should order your moving art unit with the largest size TV that is appropriate. Then, if the actual TV is smaller, you can order a custom mask for the TV or simply put a flat black paint or material inside the enclosure to make the gap far less obvious.


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" What is the difference between the Elite, Allure, and Illusion Moving Art? "

The primary difference is the how the units operate and the art and frame selections.


The Elite uses a unique silent drive system called a 'floating hembar'. The art 'furls' from the bottom up and uses a magnetic system to align the canvas to the back of the picture frame. This patented award winning design must be seen in operation to be appreciated. Also the Elite has a standard selection of over 3000 artworks, 40 frames, and the option of using your own art at no charge.


The Allure is designed only for thin wall mounted TVs. The unit is monocoque construction and uses a 3" frame. The finish is any color you want. The visible hembar is the same color as the frame and the art moves straight up and down (similar to a shade). Also the Allure has a standard selection of over 3000 artworks, 40 frames, and the option of using your own art at no charge.


The Illusion uses a traditional visible black hembar. The art travels  straight up and down (similar to a shade). The standard choice of artwork and frames is limited; but any art or frame my be selected from the Elite series at an extra charge. This includes using your own artwork.


All units use the Lutron Electronic Drive Unit.

Click here for comparison chart.

Click here for comparison of art movement



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" Can I use my own artwork or photograph or have the canvas painted by an artist? "



1. We can supply the artist with the canvas (it must be ours) with pre marked crop lines. They must use a flexible acrylic medium or even charcoal or watercolors with a flexible fixative. Contact us for specifics.


2. If you have a special photograph or piece of art, we will reproduce it on canvas. This option is available for the Elite, Allure, and Illusion Series. You must have proof of ownership of the art in order for us to reproduce it.


You should have it photographed locally. The file we require should be 200 dpi at the finished size. The finished size is the height and width of the TV in most cases. A color proof should be sent to us as a reference. If you would like to have a proof (approx 8" x 10") on canvas before we print the final image, there is a $50 charge.


GENERAL: The finished image is directly related to quality of file we receive. If  Photoshop corrections are required on the file we receive, there will be additional charges at $100 per hour. These corrections may be necessary to remove dust spots, specular highlights, etc. You will be notified if they are necessary.


Call us with any questions 954 524 1104



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" Can I use my own frame? "


One of the unique advantages of the Media Decor Elite and Illusion is that the actual frame can be removed in seconds. Simply take the frame to a local frame shop, select what best suits your requirements, and have them duplicate the measurements and put the old hardware on the new frame.


The minimum width of the frame is generally 5"; there is no maximum. We do not give a credit for the old frame since the unit cannot be tested or shipped without a frame and special hardware.


The Allure unit has a 3" frame that is an integral part of the unit.


Feel free to call us with any questions: 954 524 1104



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" Can I use a Sound Bar? "


Several companies manufacture speakers often referred to as 'Sound Bars' that mount beneath or on the sides of the TV. They are generally driven by an amplifier and provide a clean installation with excellent sound when a sophisticated external sound system is not needed. The nice thing about Sound Bars incorporated inside a moving art is that the speakers are hidden behind the art when the TV is off.


Another plus to a Sound Bar is that if it is mounted beneath or above the TV, the aspect ratio of the Elite or Illusion changes to a more natural ratio for artwork. We do not recommend side speakers inside our units for a number of reasons.


There is a $600 surcharge to customize your unit for a client supplied 'Sound Bar'.  The reason for the up charge is that it increase the frame, structure, and artwork size substantially



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" Is the art on real canvas? "


The art or photography is on real canvas. It is reproduced on the highest quality canvas with the highest quality inks. We print to museum quality standards.



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" Can I have an artist paint directly on the canvas? "


But they must use thin pliable acrylics. We supply the artist with a blank canvas that is marked to indicate where they can paint. We use the finished canvas on the unit. We cannot warranty custom painting. Many clients have done this and the results have been excellent.


But if you want to use valued original art, the best solution is the Media Decor Eclipse Art Lift.



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" What is the difference between a recess and surface mount? "

RECESS: Ideally, the TV is mounted behind the finished wall in a recess. This enables the picture frame to be flush to the finished wall surface so that when the artwork is 'down' it looks like and is a real painting on the wall. This type of installation is often referred to as a FLUSH mount or a RECESSED mount. It visually looks the best, but of course requires some carpentry. All our units may be recess mounted with no additional hardware.


SURFACE: This is when the TV is mounted directly to the finished wall. In many cases a recess is not possible or desirable. Media Decor offers a 'wall enclosure' as an option for this type of installation. The wall enclosure is custom made for each unit and conceals the sides of the TV. The sides of the wall enclosure may be painted or faux finished to match the wall.


The Allure Moving Art is exclusively designed for surface mounting only


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" Do I need a backbox? "

Backboxes are often used in RECESSED installations (see previous question). They speed up the installation time and provide a more finished look to the system. All visible surfaces inside the backbox are black. The TV is easily mounted to the back surface of the backbox.


Each one is custom built for your installation.


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" What is a wall enclosure? "

The Wall Enclosure option is for surface mounted TVs. It is an aluminum and PVC structure custom built to provide a mounting receiver for our units. It is fully enclosed on the sides so that the TV and cabling cannot be seen. The sides may be painted or faux finished to match the surrounding wall. It is mounted directly to the wall over the TV. Our unit then fits into it and attaches to the wall enclosure with pre machined fastenings.


The Allure unit is designed for surface mounting only and requires no additional wall enclosure.



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" What is a Q-Mount? "

A Q-Mount is a low profile TV mount supplied as an option for all our units. It is offered in both 1" and .43"  thick versions. It will fit on almost every TV made. We recommend it because of the low profile. The low profile reduces the depth required for recess installations and surface installations. Of course you can supply your own TV mount if you desire.


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