Elite Moving Art

The Elite is the most elegant solution for concealing TVs with Art.  When the TV is turned ON, the artwork silently scrolls from the bottom up inside the top of the unit and becomes a framed TV.


 • Patented magnetic art alignment with zero clearance between the back of the frame and the art

 • Patented scrolling art movement with invisible hembar

 • Noise Level  <37 dBA (silent operation)

 • 3600+ Art Selections or client supplied art

 • 40 Standard Frames

 • Recess or Surface Mounting (Optional 2.875" Razor Version)

 • Exclusive Lutron Electronic Drive System

 • All Aircraft  Aluminum construction with baked black ceramic hardcoating

System Includes:

1x Artwork from the Elite Art Gallery or Client supplied Art

1x Frame from the Elite Frame Gallery

Optional Frames are available at additional cost

1x Lutron IR remote control & receiver

1x Lutron QS Drive Unit

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Media Decor 2013