Comparison Chart between Elite, Allure & Illusion Moving Art




TV  Sizes 32-65”  32-65” 32-120"
 Custom Dimensions Yes
Yes Yes
 Standard Artwork 3600+ 3600+ 80+
 Choice of std frames 35+ any color  12+
Optional Frames Yes  N/A Yes
 iColor Frames No Yes No
 Minimum Frame Width 5" 3"  5"
 Owner supplied art Yes Yes  Optional $
 Optional Art Choices Yes Yes  Optional $
 IR Control Yes Yes Yes
RF Control/Ethernet/Contact Closure/RS-232 Optional $ Optional $ Optional $
 Lutron Drive Unit Yes Yes Yes
 Noise Level @ 3’ <37dB <44dB  <44dB
 Aluminum Structure Yes No Yes
 Furling Art/  Floating Hembar Yes No No
 Automatic Alignment Yes No No
 Art Flush to Frame Yes No No
 Magnetic Tensioning Yes No No
Wall Mounting Yes Yes Yes
Recess Mounting Yes No Yes
Pricing begins at.... $7700  $6700  $4800

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