Compare Art Movement

The Elite is our premiere unit. Its patented artwork movement 'scrolls' up and down. This pleasing movement is unique and exclusive to the Elite. All  other art concealment systems, except for the Elite, work like traditional shade.

Elite Moving Art

Magnetic Art Tensioning

Floating (Invisible) Hembar

Unlike any other system made, the art is flush to the back of the picture frame. This is done magnetically. The art does not hang in a channel, it is tensioned against the frame in 4 directions.

As the art moves up, it actually furls against the back of the frame as visually disappears from the bottom up.

Illusion & Allure Moving Art

 No Art Tensioning

Visible Hembar

The art hangs in a channel and is not flush to the back of the picture frame. There is a visible gap about 1/2" between the art and the back of the picture frame. The art is not tensioned.

The art moves up like a shade and there is a visible weight bar (hembar) across the bottom of the canvas.

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Media Decor 2013