Allure Moving Art

The Allure Moving Art is a contemporary solution for concealing Thin TVs with Art. The TV is mounted directly to the wall. (TV & mount < 1.625"). There are no seams and all exposed surfaces are one solid color. The frame width is only 3" and the thickness of the entire unit is 3". What makes the Allure visually stunning is the endless choice of colors.



• Monocoque Unit (similar to a "shadow box") that simply mounts directly to wall.

Traditional Hembar and Art Movement

• 3600+ Standard Art Selections

• Endless choice of colors to compliment your decor

• Exclusive Lutron Electronic Drive System w/ IR remote

System Includes:

• 1x Artwork from the Elite/Allure Art Gallery

• Client supplied art at no additional cost

• 1x color frame selection - satin paint finish

• 1x Lutron IR remote control & receiver

• 1x Lutron QS Drive Unit

• Wall mounting Z-bracket hardware.

Options Include:

• Lutron QSE-IO Contact Closure

RF Wireless Control

• High Gloss Finish in any color.

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Media Decor 2013