About our Frames and Liners (Fillers)

The Elite & Illusion frames must be a minimum of 5” wide because the frame acts as a valence to hide the motor assembly.

If you require a narrower frame, you must use the Allure.

• Picture frames look best when they are the same width top, bottom and sides. The inside of the frame covers ¼” of the outside bezel of the TV


• If you want the frame to come to the screen of the TV this requires a wider frame designed by Media Decor. This is a custom option at an additional cost.


• We also offer masking systems to conceal everything except the TV screen.


• All Media Décor Standard Frames and most optional frames on our web site are between 3 1/2” and 4 ¼” wide. In order to achieve the required 5” width we add an inner black liner (see illustration). For example a frame with a width of 4” wide will have a liner that is 1” wide.


• The liner is a matte black wood which works well with virtually all art and frame selections and provides a black reference color for better color perception of the TV image. Matching or linen liners are available at additional cost.


• The Firenza Frame Series are finished corner frames. They are handmade and finished with 22 karat gold leaf.

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